Customized Virtual Learning Portals

Over the past few years, the popularity of 'in the cloud' web services has grown dramatically. The reason is simple, it's a better way of doing things.

E-learning and compliance management are no exception. Our unique 'cloud' approach to e-learning led to the development of our proprietary learning management system, VLP.

The 'Cloud' is Better

Each VLP offers a variety of online learning tools and services that streamline your training and compliance initiatives.

Here's Why...

  • No hardware or special software is required
  • On-demand LMS services
  • Scalability
  • Multi-level User Management
  • Secure and customized account registration and course enrollment


Time is money. Basic VLPs can be set up in a few days and each VLP is internet-ready.

Start Training This Week...

Your custom learning management system can be ready within days, depending on the complexity of the features you require.

Once your VLP is live, your students can access the learning portal from any internet connection. No special software or hardware is required. All they need is an Internet connection and a standard Internet browser.

VLP technology can work within your existing secure intranet environment.

Custom Reporting

Each VLP comes with standard reporting functionality. Custom reporting is also available to meet your needs.

Reports That Meet Your Needs...

Training administrators have 24 x 7 web access to all student and training data via the Reporting Center, which comes standard with VLPs.

We have created over 30 standardized reports for our VLP based on years of experience. You can also create thousands of customized variations with our Advanced Reporting Tool.

Reporting can be administrator-driven, or be set up to auto-run on your time schedule and delivered via email.