FLSA Wage and Hour Training

Our FLSA Wage and Hour course:

  • Offers an explanation of the FLSA with regard to proper wage and hour policies
  • Covers Federal regulations regarding:
    • Overtime
    • Hours worked
    • Off-the-clock work
    • Required breaks and meal periods
    • Tipping and work-related travel

Our FLSA Wage and Hour training course will help you understand the Fair Labor Standards Act and the regulatory landscape you must follow to ensure FLSA compliance.

Course Features

  • Self-paced, 90-minute course
  • Specific examples and case studies related to FLSA standards
  • Immediate printing of official certificate upon course completion
  • Practical examples and interactive elements to engage the learner

This course provides information and guidance regarding federal statutory provisions related to the fair treatment of your hourly labor pool. It also includes practical examples to help guide your managers and supervisors through the FLSA standards.