Frequently Asked Questions

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No. Our VLP is a fully functional web-based learning management system that is hosted in our e-learning cloud. All you need is a web-connected device to access the VLP and all its services.

In most instances, we can have your Virtual Learning Portal live and ready to use within a few days.

Yes. Your VLP can be customized with your branding and messaging. We can also customize the registration process for students, reporting tools, and a host of other options.

No. If your VLP contains any of our state-regulated training courses, we manage the certification administration process for you.

Each VLP comes with an integrated administrator dashboard that gives you control over the training and certification process. A few of the services include:

  • Automated or manual assignment of certification courses to your employees
  • Certification expiration reminders
  • On-demand or regularly scheduled compliance reports
  • Certificate storage and retrieval
  • Tracking employee training progress

Yes it can. Our VLP was designed to manage employee compliance with state or local training requirements. Our proprietary CertTrack system offers numerous administrative management functions and helps ensure your organization maintains its compliance with regulatory requirements. Your employees take their required certification training courses and the VLP does the rest.

Yes. While we provide a number of compliance-based courses, you can also build and host your own courses in your VLP. As long as the courses are SCORM-compliant, the VLP can deliver them to your employees.

Yes we do. Diversys specializes in building custom e-learning courses for our clients. Our team of writers, editors, and instructional designers can help bring your training materials to life.

We have built courses for several industries, but our compliance courses are for the Food and Beverage, Grocery, Hospitality and Convenience industries. We offer certification courses for alcohol sellers and servers, food manager certification, and food handler certification (ANSI-approved for some states). We also have general courses such as Workplace Harassment Prevention and FLSA training. We also have Pharamcy CE training available.

We have a number of retail websites that offer our certification courses for different industries and states. We can create a corporate account for your organization that allows your employees to obtain their required certifications without the need for credit card purchases. We assign your company an account number and your employees use this number to access the training. We bill you each month for the enrollments. It's that simple.

Our certification courses have been approved by hundreds of local and state jurisdictions. Click here to see a summary of our approved training courses.

Yes you can. Most regulatory agencies require us to maintain control over the delivery of the training content. However there are several options for integrating our course services with your existing LMS or HRIS system.